Sea Shepherd Retrieves iIllegal Driftnet in the Mediterranean

Marine wildlife in the waters around Italy’s Aeolian Islands can swim a bit easier now that Sea Shepherd’s crew onboard M/Y Sam Simon has removed a deadly “spadara” – a type of fine-mesh driftnet – out of the sea as part of Operation Siso, a campaign to stop illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Working with local Italian authorities including the National Fisheries Control Center (CCNP) of the General Command of the Corpo di Capitaneria and the Salina Coast Guard, the abandoned fishing net was identified and raised aboard the M/Y Sam Simon for inspection. Five swordfish and a 2-meter long shark were found trapped and dead in the spadara, which is a type of fishing driftnet still widely used in Italian waters despite being banned worldwide in 2003. Floating at sea indefinitely, abandoned nets such as spadare can continue killing countless sperm whales, turtles, tuna, swordfish, sharks and marine mammals year after year.

Read the full commentary by Captain Thomas Le Coz here:

Video by Nina Hoelzl/Sea Shepherd.

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