Operation Dolphin ByCatch: End of Campaign

Since its launch in February, Sea Shepherd’s Dolphin Bycatch campaign has attracted worldwide press coverage exposing the tragic fate of dolphins who are victims of industrial fishing in France’s Bay of Biscay. These waters are the preferred habitat for approximately 180,000 dolphins and many other endangered species.

Dolphins are curious, fragile animals that live in community and reproduce slowly. If we do not quickly ban these fishing methods, they are bound to disappear. Sea Shepherd will continue Operation Dolphin Bycatch every year until real measures are put in place to secure their future.

See a sample of the international press coverage here: https://www.seashepherdglobal.org/our-campaigns/dolphin-bycatch/

Learn more about and support Operation Dolphin ByCatch here: http://bit.ly/DolphinBycatch

Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

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