Cleaning plastics from Moreton Island

This video tells the story of ten Sea Shepherd volunteers on a remote clean-up at Queensland’s Moreton Island (Moorgumpin) on a mission to find out just how polluted with plastic this remote island is. During the clean-up the volunteers found a dead green sea turtle entangled in discarded fishing gear. Results from the clean-up and microplastic survey showed significant plastic accumulation on the island with over one tonne of marine debris removed from the 21km of beach cleaned.

“Moreton Island is such a beautiful and unique location, home to so many important marine species. It is devastating to see an endangered animal has died from marine pollution; something which could have been avoided” — Campaign Leader Rebecca Griffiths.

Australia’s coastlines have never been more vulnerable, our oceans are drowning from the tidal wave of plastic pollution and for marine life, this means the fight to survive each day is relentless. No matter your age or whether you live by the coast or inland, you can be part of the movement to #StemtheTide of marine plastic pollution.

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